• The Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations (EKYL) is an independent nonprofit working across Estonia to support apartment associations and to represent their interests on local, national and international level. The Union has more than 1400 members (apartment associations) today.
  • EKYL’s mission is to support the development of cooperative housing through community engagement, strategic planning, partnership and alliance building, communication, and the implementation of knowledge-based activities as training, consulting, advisory services, research, national and international cooperation projects. EKYL has own private school – EKYL Training Centre for Apartment Associations, own magazine – “Elamu” (“Dwelling”) focusing on housing issues, EKYL is the organizer of traditional Baltic Housing Conferences.
  • EKYL is involved in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of housing legislation in Estonia. EKYL’s Legal Department provides legal consultations and court representation to apartment associations.
  • EKYL is a cooperation partner for ministries, municipalities, universities, other NGOs and enterprises. EKYL is a member of the European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing – HOUSING EUROPE.  As the Geneva UN Charter Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Housing, EKYL has focused on training programs for housing experts in Eastern Partnership countries.
  • EKYL coordinates cooperation between housing stakeholders in Estonia, EU member states and Eastern partnership countries. You are welcome to contact us at