Professional standard: Manager of multi-apartment association

A professional standard is a document which describes professional activities and provides the competency requirements for professions and professional levels.

The professional standard of manager of multi-apartment association, level 4, has been developed in Estonia:

  1. for the assessment of the professional competence of individuals
  2. as the basis for the training curricula.

The manager of multi-apartment association in Estonia works in an apartment association, building association (hereinafter “association”) or in an apartment building management company. His/her duties include the management of the association and sustainable and systematic planning and organisation of apartment building management. In his/her work, he/she is guided by the will of apartment owners, paying great attention to communication management within the association. An apartment manager works and makes decisions independently. In the case of decisions and questions that require know-how, he/she consults with specialists in the field.

The performance indicators described in this professional standard are drawn up in the context of the Classification of Activities in Standard 807 of the Estonian Centre for Standardisation on the Provision of facilities management services.

Read the professional standard, updated 2017, here: Professional standard – Manager of multi-apartment association EST.